Restaurant Nabaa Anjar was established in 1998 by its owner, Mr. Apraham Malkedjian, and since then it has been blooming to become the delectable and elegant restaurant that it is today.

Our restaurant is ready to welcome you at any time with special enthusiasm each day, each season, and each event and occasion. We have three spacious areas with different settings, two of which are indoor (the big hall can welcome up to 700 guests and the small hall can welcome over 300 guests) and an outdoor dining area that welcomes approximately 200 guests. The indoor hall transforms into an outdoor hall as soon as summer approaches.

At this restaurant every dish is made and served with utmost care. We take pride in serving authentic meals to our customers who come to enjoy the delightful Middle Eastern culinary experience at our restaurantís contemporary and relaxing setting. If you are searching for a place to taste the most delicious food, restaurant Nabaa Anjar is the place to be. We strive to provide a high quality food at reasonable prices because we enjoy satisfying our customers.

Today, our restaurant revolves entirely around what the progressive customer seeks in a restaurant experience, and we plan to continue in the same path. If you are visiting the ruins of Anjar, donít forget to pass by and experience our classic and innovative dishes with their fresh quality ingredients and traditional Lebanese flavors, made by our talented staff.

Hope our passion to satisfy will make you one of our loyal customers and one of our closest friends.